Digital Watchdog Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Reset Request

If you have lost access to your two-factor authentication (2FA) device or are facing difficulties receiving the 2FA code, you can still request to reset your 2FA device.

2FA can only be enabled manually by the user accessing the cloud account and email. Digital Watchdog provides a reset for the 2FA feature on the basis that:
  • The user asking for a reset is the sole operator of the account.
  • The user asking for a reset is the only point of communication for the reset.
  • The user account asking for a reset is responsible for the feature being enabled and agrees to disable the feature based on user error.
  • Digital Watchdog does not assume any responsibility for the deactivation of 2FA due to the feature not being automated in any way.
To proceed with the Request, you must provide verification of your identity by submitting a clear picture of the client or service technician holding a business photo ID or driver's license next to their face (selfie). Please ensure the photo is clear and your identification information is legible
Please upload PDF, JPEG, PNG or other image files. Word documents are not acceptable.

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