DW Also Does Seamless Perimeter Protection
Posted by Mark Espenschied on Oct 09, 2023 in Did You Know?, New Products, Technology
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This outdoor IP speaker is a robust, IP-enabled audio device that helps to proactively deter crime by responding to events in real-time with automated and manual voice alerts. The IP67-rated housing is ideal for challenging outdoor environmental conditions with high ambient noise and can play music, loud ringing, voice paging and notification alerting applications. The speaker is fully integrated with DW Spectrum IPVMS and supported IP cameras and can integrate easily with 3rd party access control, analytics and VoIP (supporting SIP) via open standards. The DW-SWS15 is a standalone solution, an ideal, cost-effective, scalable and flexible approach to system design and comes with DW’s 2-year warranty. Learn more here.

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