DW Vertical Markets: Cannabis
Posted by Mark Espenschied on Sep 21, 2023 in Did You Know?, Technology, Thought Leadership, Vertical Markets
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DW has video surveillance solutions for every application and market. As cannabis becomes legal in more states across the country, and with the possibility of total legalization in the near future, it is no surprise the demand for cannabis products has grown as well. Because the industry involves various contributors (breeders, seed companies, farmers, dispensaries), the breadth and variability of its security concerns must also be considered. With an intuitive video surveillance interface, DW Spectrum allows users to both monitor and review real-time and archived footage with ease. The combination of an instant event notification system and seamless remote video management will prove invaluable for production-wide security. See how DW AI cameras, servers and appliances boost efficiency and save resources. Learn more here.

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