DW® Announces Partnership with Seagate® for Reliable and Innovative Video Surveillance Solutions


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DW® Announces Partnership with Seagate® for Reliable
and Innovative Video Surveillance Solutions

SkyHawk™ Health Management (SHM) is Integrated into DW Spectrum® IPVMS

DW® servers and recorders include Seagate® SkyHawk™ hard drives.



ISC West 2019 — Las Vegas, NV (April 10, 2019) DW® Complete Surveillance Solutions, the industry leader in digital recorders, surveillance cameras and related management software, is pleased to announce our new partnership with Seagate®, which includes using SkyHawk™ surveillance hard drives to deliver end-to-end, industry-leading video surveillance solutions. Smart, safe and secure, Seagate SkyHawk hard drives are engineered for 24×7 surveillance, providing 3× the workload rating of desktop drives. ImagePerfect™ firmware fine tunes the drives for the workloads of Blackjack® servers and NAS devices, as well as VMAX® NVRs and DVRs. Rotational Vibration (RV) sensors in the drives maintain high performance in multi-drive systems.  

SkyHawk™ Health Management (SHM), enabled on SkyHawk 4TB and above drives, has been integrated into DW Spectrum® IPVMS for added peace of mind. ISC West attendees can see a live demonstration of the service at DW® Booth 25089.

“SHM delivers enhanced drive health monitoring by analyzing multiple parameters related to drive health and using proprietary algorithms to determine potential environmental effects to the drive,” said Mitch Rose, director of technical customer management at Seagate. “Information on operating conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and vibration, enable SHM to recommend preventive actions.”

For instance, at a glance, SHM will provide alerts like “Abnormally high operating temperatures have been detected” and advise users to “Please make sure that the rear ventilation ports are not blocked and please try to lower the ambient temperature.” SHM will also alert users of excessive vibration with alerts such as, “Excessive vibration has been detected” and provide recommendations like “Please make sure your system is on a stable surface.” 

DW and Seagate are also working to deliver industry-leading data recovery services, which can often recover video data from drives even after catastrophic events like floods and fires. Customers can rest assured they have top experts working to recover their data, in a highly secure environment.

DW and Seagate SkyHawk hard drives together provide innovative solutions for video surveillance applications. “Our customers expect products to deliver crystal-clear video 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, both live and recorded on demand,” said Mark Espenschied, Director of Marketing, DW®. “Seagate’s product reliability and corporate responsiveness help us to exceed our customers’ expectations for uptime and performance.”

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